Dana  Daniels is also a licensed  Wedding Officiant!  Available to deliver a beautiful memorable wedding ceremony!

Get your questions regarding your wedding DJ here! DJ pricing tailored to your needs! For over a decade, Dj Dice Entertainment has successfully completed several hundred wedding receptions, and officiated beautiful ceremonies. Entertainment done correctly and precise, is one of the biggest parts of a wedding reception. When you have quality equipment, and a well experienced DJ, booked well in advance, who cares and knows details about the couple they are working for, you get the quality you expect. Booking well in advance, gets the date you want, and gives the DJ the ability to add special little touches to the whole wedding reception, including any requirements of the ceremony music and flow.

Too often choosing the entertainment is left to the end of your overwhelming "Wedding To Do List" but it shouldn't be! Not only does music set the appropriate mood, but a skilled Dj / Master of Ceremonies will gracefully guide your guests from one exciting spotlight moment to another.

Usually all the best DJ performers are often booked well in advance. So shake your groove thing, and book your DJ with us early or you may be stuck doing the chicken dance with Steve Urkel!

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